Michelle Rodriguez was ''adamant'' she wanted a ''big c**k'' in 'The Assignment'.

The 38-year-old actress portrays a male assassin who unknowingly undergoes gender reassignment surgery in the new movie and though she helped choose her prosthetic penis, she found the appendage very ''uncomfortable''.

She said: ''I was like, 'I want the biggest c**k we could possibly get!' I was adamant about it. I've encountered a few skinny boys with really, really big -- you know -- so I thought, why not be one?

''But it's very uncomfortable -- I gotta say, I don't know how guys do it.

''Now I know why guys are way more physically sexually thinkers than women are -- because it's always there! I mean, if it's rubbing between your legs all the time, I'm sure I'd think about it all the time, too!''

Michelle even set herself up with a dating profile on Tinder as a man and found it hilarious that her altered image was so funny, she even bagged some potential dates.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: ''Playing a naked man was really hard. It's a good four hours of prep, two for the chin and nose implants alone.

''I look kind of Mediterranean, don't you agree? I made a Tinder account for myself [as a man] and it was so funny. Got some matches!''

The bisexual beauty learned a lot about herself making the film and has never felt ''more like a woman''.

She said: ''There's a lot more to being a man than your posture and voice and strength; there are other psychological elements that I wasn't prepared to really dive into.

''I always thought that I was pretty masculine, but I never felt more like a woman than doing this movie.''