Hollywood superstars and British talent attended the UK premiere of Stardust last night in London's Leicester Square.

Some stellar attendees lined a specially-designed green carpet for the first showing of Matthew Vaughan's new movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Cox and Sienna Miller star in Vaughan's adaptation of the Neil GaIman novel, while Ricky Gervais - who plays trader Ferdy the Fence - and Take That also hit the West End.

The movie follows Tristan Thorne (Cox) searching for a fallen star in the mysterious kingdom of Stormhold to win the heart of his beloved Victoria (Miller).

The course of true love never did run smooth, though, and said fallen celestial body turns out to be the very irritable Yvaine (Claire Danes), pursued by not just Tristan, but also a narcissistic witch (Pfeiffer) and a shady sky pirate (Robert de Niro).

According to Empire, Vaughan was delighted at having signed every actor he wanted for the movie, with Pfeiffer a definite treat.

"I've always wanted to work with her," the Layer Cake director said, "ever since she was in Grease 2. I think she was a bit surprised by that actually, but she stole every scene."

Pfeiffer was initially blindsided by a rather-silly journalist who expected a major Hollywood star to know the names of every member of Take That - they contributed the song Rule The World to the film's soundtrack - but recovered her composure to explain her decision to play the evil Larnia.

"It's nice to do a film that's age appropriate at last so I can share it with my kids," she said. "And it's quite an important theme. We wanted to comment on the idea of sexual youth and the terrifying lengths that women will go for it. Society's so obsessed with beauty these days."

And Gervais, one of several British comedy talents to feature in the movie, said that signing up was an easy decision.

"Well how could you turn it down?" he asked. "It was Rob and Michelle, I could ad lib and wear a silly hat and it wasn't very far from my house."

04/10/2007 14:36:33