Actress Michelle Pfeiffer struggled with her latest role as a racist in new film HAIRSPRAY - and only agreed to do it after she received her family's blessing. The Hollywood beauty plays Velma Von Tussle in the latest adaptation of the infamous musical, and was thankful her children, Claudia Rose, 14, and John Henry, 12, agreed to let her be the film's villain. She says, "I've played some evil characters before, but after I signed on to do (Hairspray) I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm playing a racist'. The message of the movie is anti-racism and anti-bigotry, but I had to talk to my family because I wanted to make sure the kids understood that in order to do a movie about racism, somebody has got to be the racist - and it's me! "My family were OK, they got it and I'm glad they did. There were some lines I honestly could not remember saying because they were so hateful. I'd be doing a scene and I'd come up blank - my brain just shut them out."