Michelle Pfeiffer found parenthood a ''hard adjustment''.

The 54-year-old actress - who raises Claudia Rose, 19, and John Henry, 17, with husband David E. Kelley - always likes to be in control so admits it was a shock when she realised it wouldn't be easy to combine her career with having a family.

She said: ''I think all women who work and have families struggle with finding the right balance.

''I'm such a control freak and I was able to juggle a lot until I had my first child. It was a rude awakening for me. It was the first time in my life I couldn't do everything.

''I realised at that point that a person could have it all, but they can't do it all. That's a really hard adjustment for me. But there's nothing more unpredictable and harder and humbling than being a parent.''

The 'Dark Shadows' actress also insisted she can't see herself ever retiring because she feels defined by her work.

She added in an interview with Stylist magazine: ''Work is a lot of how I define myself and maybe that's not healthy, but it's true. It feeds me, you know.

''I can't see myself ever retiring. Ever. I started working part-time when I was 14 and still at school and I've never stopped.

''From the moment I started I loved it and I feel like I always need to be productive in some way. When the kids were growing up, it was challenging and creative and a big project.

''But who knows? I may not always be acting, I hope I am.''