Despite her older siblings Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen being bona fide A-listers almost since birth, Elizabeth became obsessed with a different actress growing up.

Michelle Pfeiffer,” she said without hesitation while chatting to Britain’s Metro newspaper. “I would look up photos of her on the interweb and print them on bad paper with bad ink. I would get a calendar of puppies of something that I made it a Michelle Pfeiffer calendar. I thought she was so cool. She was so WOMAN to me. I just fell in love with her. It started with Grease 2 and Catwoman.”

While her twin sisters started acting from a very young age, Elizabeth found fame much later. She made her big screen debut in 2011’s Silent House, and has gone on to star alongside acting greats like Josh Brolin and Bryan Cranston.

Over the past few years she’s become best known as Marvel character Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch. She’s back in the mutant role in Captain America: Civil War, and is loving her time as a Marvel hero.

“I have friends who go to Comic-Con for work and their job every time is to take photos of as many Scarlet Witches as they can!" she laughed. "That’s really cool. I’ve never been a part of something that has an iconic look before.”

As one of Hollywood’s brightest young talents, 27-year-old Elizabeth gets sent scripts on a regular basis. However she often misses out on roles as casting directors sometimes struggle to see her in a certain light.

“It’s usually a thriller with a strong woman in s**tty circumstances!” she said of roles she’s sent. “A lot of the jobs I don’t get are usually given to more typical character actresses. People don’t see me as those parts."