Michelle Keegan will never move to the US permanently.

The 'Our Girl' actress has been spending a lot of time across the pond recently because her husband Mark Wright is out there presenting the chat show 'Extra' alongside Mario Lopez, but she's adamant she'll never up sticks and relocate there for good because she's a ''home bird'' and she doesn't think she'll fit in very well.

Speaking on 'The One Show' on Tuesday (29.05.18) night, the 30-year-old star said: ''I'd love to work in America but I couldn't see myself living out there full time. I'm a home bird. It won't be permanent. Definitely not.''

The brunette beauty - who was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester - also has to ''slow down'' the way she talks when she's in the US because they can't understand her thick Northern accent and they often mistake her for being Australian.

She explained: ''When I've been out in Los Angeles, even if I'm ordering a coffee or something they think I'm Australian.

''I have to slow down a lot and pronounce my words to make it a bit easier.''

And, although she has no plans to move to America permanently, Michelle has banned her husband Mark - whom she married in 2015 - from spending more than three weeks away from her so that their long-distance relationship works.

She said recently: ''We try not to spend more than three weeks apart, although the longest we've gone is six weeks which was really difficult.

''We miss each other and staying in is our favourite date night. A lot of the time I don't think about where we are. If Mark is there it's home for me.''

And, although they've managed to make things work so far, Mark - who shot to fame on 'The Only Way is Essex' in 2010 - would quit his job if Michelle asked him to.

The 31-year-old hunk said: ''Yes I miss [Michelle], yes she misses me. Right now we make sure we see each other as much as we can. I mean if Michelle didn't like living here and she wanted me to move home and she preferred life back home, then for sure I would [move back]. That comes first. It's not going to come to that, but if it ever did, then yes of course, marriage and my love life is definitely first.''