Michelle Keegan once woke up with a ghost ''lying next to her''.

The 'Our Girl' actress is a firm believer in the supernatural and has revealed she once had a spooky encounter with a ''little girl'' who appeared next to her in her bedroom when she awoke from her slumber.

Michelle tried to rationalise what had happened but was later convinced she'd seen a spectre when her brother had the same experience whilst sleeping in the same room.

Speaking to Stylist magazine, she said: ''I've had lots of supernatural experiences, but I always just blame them on my brain playing tricks. About five years ago, I woke up to a little girl lying next to me in my bed and when I reacted to her, she mirrored what I did, my brother's had a similar experience in that room too, so maybe it wasn't just me.''

Michelle - who is married to Mark Wright - also opened up about her greatest fear, which is ''losing someone she loves''.

However, the former 'Coronation Street' star isn't scared of dying because she feels connected to her grandmother who passed away and was inspired by her strength.

She explained: ''I'm scared of the pain, but I was really close to my grandma and I feel like if she (went through) it, then I can too.''

But before she dies Michelle's biggest wish is to meet her idol Celine Dion, or even just get to see her perform as she and Mark were unlucky when they went to see her perform in Las Vegas and she cancelled her show.

When asked what the one thing she wants to know before she dies is, she said: ''I want to meet Celine Dion! Mark bought me tickets to see her perform in Las Vegas last month and she cancelled on the night. I was devastated.''