Michelle Keegan – the Coronation Street star regularly voted the sexiest woman in soap-land – picked up the award for Best Soap Actress at the TV Choice Awards this week. Though named the ‘Sexiest’ for the last four years at another awards show, Keegan was probably delighted to be finally honoured for her acting ability.

Keegan – who sizzled on the red carpet in a white figure hugging leather dress – faced questions about her personal life. She recently split from The Wanted star MAX GEORGE amidst rumours he had been texting ex-girlfriends, though Keegan told the Press Association, “I've learned to deal with it now. I don't even read any of it (tabloid stories) anymore because half the time it isn't true, and that's how I've got to think of it. And luckily at the moment I'm so busy with work that I don't get to see the press anyway, so people tell me a story that was out two weeks ago and I go, 'Really? I don't even care now.”

Michelle was left “gobsmacked” when she was named Best Actress for her turn as Tina Mcintyre, though claimed she doesn’t envy her fiery character, saying, “I genuinely feel sorry for her. I hope the debts get cleared and she can live with (boyfriend) Tommy happily ever after, but I genuinely don't think that's going to happen because it's Corrie.”