Michelle Keegan loves Christmas Day because it's the only time she can wear shoes indoors.

The 29-year-old actress - who is married to Mark Wright - always gets dressed up on December 25, and it is such a special occasion, she can wear her outdoor footwear on the carpet.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her wardrobe choices, the brunette beauty said: ''I think on Christmas Day is when I normally get dressed up, and that's the only time of year I'm allowed to wear shoes indoors. When you have a nice pair of new boots and your mum can say 'Yes, you can wear them on the carpets' I have that.

''So, it's nice that time of year.''

However, the 'Our Girl' star has revealed the novelty wears off after a while and she gets ''bored'' of tottering around in her shoes within an hour she swiftly slips into a pair of comfortable slippers.

She explained: ''But, I always bring my slippers because an hour into it I get bored and put my slippers back on.''

And the star has admitted the week prior to the big festive bonanza she is ''normally'' in loungewear because she's eating chocolate ''all the time''.

She said: ''The week before [Christmas] is normally lounge, and after Christmas is always lounge where I'm just eating chocolate all the time.''

Although Michelle has admitted she dresses up in Christmas Day, she has revealed she could ''never'' wear something figure hugging and will wear a jumper to hide her stomach after feasting on delicious treats and a roast dinner.

She said: ''I could never wear something really tight on Christmas Day, not a chance! I normally wear a jumper and a skirt and high boots, that's what I normally do. So I put the jumper over my stomach. That's what I normally do.''