Michelle Keegan's mother ''always'' asks her to launch a plus-size clothing range for Lipsy London.

The 29-year-old actress - who joined forces with the fashion house in 2014 - has admitted her parent, Jacqueline, is desperate for her to design a collection for the fashion house to fit more body shapes, because she ''loves the coats'' and is constantly asking Michelle if any of the garments will fit her.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the input she receives from her family members when she is creating new products for the label, the brunette beauty said: ''No, but a lot of people do give their opinion.

''My mum loves the coats. And my mum always says I should be doing plus sizes for all the plus-sized models out there. It's quite a good idea, because my mum is a plus size and she always loves the Lipsy clothes, and she's always like 'Will that fit me? You should do that Michelle, you should do plus size collection'. So you never know.''

And the former 'Coronation Street' star - who has recently launched an Autumn/Winter 2016 capsule for the brand - has admitted she has adapted her latest line to appeal to more customers after receiving feedback on her previous ranges from buyers.

She explained: ''Like I said, the bodycon dresses a lot of people have been liking the ones with sleeves, and since day one, two years ago, the best sellers have always been the long sleeve dresses. So, we've put a lot of them in this time around, especially with the shirts as well. Normally we do cut off shirts.''

''And I've noticed the women that tend to wear the dresses, when they get the dresses, they like the ones that contour your body. The embroidery sort of shapes your body and when it's on it contours the body, and that's what a lot of the girls like when they're wearing these dresses.''