Michelle Keegan thinks it's ''nice'' to be apart from Mark Wright.

The 'Our Girl' actress spends several months in Nepal, South Africa and Malaysia filming the BBC drama series, while her husband has just landed a job presenting 'Extra' in Los Angeles, and though their schedules mean it can be ''hard'' for them to speak very often, the brunette beauty thinks it's good for their relationship to have the time to miss one another.

She said: ''Luckily we have FaceTime. Though at the minute, the time difference is really hard - if I get in from work, he's just getting up and when he's going to bed, I'm just getting up.

''We text as much as we can.

''Last year I had a lot of time off from work so we literally spent all day and night together but at the moment it's nice to spend some time apart and be able to miss each other again.''

One solution for the couple being apart for so long could be for Mark to land a role on 'Our Girl' - and Michelle thinks he would be more than up to the job.

She said: ''I do practise my lines with Mark and he's actually very good.

''He'd be good as a soldier!''

It isn't just her husband that the 30-year-old actress misses when she's working away.

She told Closer magazine: ''I bring Yorkshire tea bags with me every time. And my slippers too!

''I miss normal stuff, like ringing my mum and meeting friends for coffee.

''I couldn't get (reality TV show) 'Love Island' in South Africa, so I missed that. In my best friends' WhatsApp group, literally every night they were talking about 'Love Island'. I felt so jealous.''