Michelle Heaton says it ''kills her every time'' she looks at her daughter because she knows she will have an increased risk of breast cancer.

The Liberty X singer underwent a double mastectomy reconstruction and total hysterectomy a few years ago because she has an increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer as she carries the genes that cause the disease and admits it devastates her knowing her daughter, Faith, six, will have to make the same decision one day.

She said: ''It kills me every time that I look at her. And every time I think about it, everything inside of me crushes to think that she may have to make this decision herself.''

Michelle has found it tough to cope with her scars from the operation but is learning to love herself and her body for what it is.

She added to the new issue of OK! magazine: ''As you get older you realise that it's not about the perfect body or image, it's about a perfect you. Perfect doesn't mean you're perfect in everybody's eyes, perfect means being perfect in your own eyes and the show reminded me.''

Michelle had previously admitted she is ''angry'' about her mastectomy.

Speaking about having to undergo the procedures, she said: ''I'm angry, I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me, I don't talk about it with my family and friends as I don't want them to feel awkward. There is no feeling there, I feel so disconnected with them [her breasts]. I was offered counselling but I just didn't have time ...

''I had an 85% risk of breast cancer and 40% risk of ovarian cancer. Five years ago I had the double mastectomy reconstruction and three years ago I had a total hysterectomy. That obviously plunges me straight into menopause. I can no longer have children. It's been a very turbulent six years. I haven't really had time to grieve or think about it so I see the show as a bit of therapy.''