Michelle Heaton is worried her baby son may suffer ''physically or mentally'' after contracting viral meningitis.

The Liberty X singer's five-week-old baby Aaron was released from hospital yesterday (09.04.14) after his condition improved, but the brunette beauty is concerned about the long-term complications he may develop.

She took to Twitter last night to share the news, writing:

''Our beautiful baby boy Aaron Jay Hanley is home now and we couldnt be happier. It has been hell, I'm not going lie, and only time will tell if Aaron has been physically or mentally effected with having had viral meningitis.

''But the chances are slight so we just pray he will be one of the lucky ones!''

The 34-year-old star, who also has two-year-old daughter Faith with her husband Hugh Hanley, was distraught when Aaron was rushed to hospital at the weekend and diagnosed with the killer infection and reflux disease.

She tweeted at the time: ''The last 24 hours has been the worst and scariest in my life.''

Michelle previously described Aaron as her ''miracle'' because she thought she couldn't have any more children after being diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene, and decided to have a double mastectomy to alleviate her high risk of cancer.