Michelle Heaton was told her unborn baby might have died.

The Liberty X singer announced she is pregnant with her second child with her husband Hugh Hanley yesterday (19.08.13), but she originally feared she'd lost the tiny tot after doctors became convinced she'd miscarried following a series of negative test results.

Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, she said: ''After I did the test I went to the doctor, who did a test and said I wasn't pregnant. I was really confused - was I pregnant or not? He said, 'Sometimes the tests are wrong, ' and I said, 'I have a feeling I'm pregnant, I know I am.'

''He was sympathetic and sent me to the hospital the next day. They took blood tests which said I wasn't pregnant. I was convinced I was but they said sometimes the tests pick up hormones and that maybe I'd already lost it.

''I then feared I'd lost my baby. I was tested again the next day and my hormone levels had quadrupled so then we knew I was pregnant.''

The 33-year-old star's news comes after she had a double mastectomy last year following the revelation that she was carrying the BRCA2 gene, meaning she had an 85 per cent chance of developing cancer and a 40 per cent chance of contracting ovarian cancer.

The brunette beauty took to Twitter yesterday to thank her fans for their support and announce that she couldn't wait for her and Hugh's 20-month-old daughter Faith to have a new brother or sister.

She said: ''Awww thank u for your well wishes. Yes, faith is gonna be an amazing big sister. She's already kissing my stomach. Have a great day all! X (sic)''