British pop star Michelle Heaton is adamant her maternal instincts help save her son after he contracted viral meningitis.

The former Liberty X singer and her husband Hugh Hanley were caught up in a terrifying health scare in April (14) when their baby Aaron, born in February (14), fell ill.

Despite having none of the tell-tale signs, the tot was later diagnosed with viral meningitis, and Heaton has credited her own parental intuition with getting him seen by doctors.

Speaking on U.K. Tv show Lorraine, she says, "He was about five, six weeks when we first went in (to hospital) and I took him in for something completely unrelated. Mother's instinct always knows best, always trust your mother's instinct. I knew something wasn't right, (but) I didn't know what. He didn't have a fever, he didn't have a rash, he didn't have any other telltale signs of meningitis, he was just bringing up his bottles and I thought maybe he had reflux disease and I wanted to get it checked.

"Within a matter of minutes (of arriving at hospital), he was rushed into a room where they administered a lumbar puncture on his spine and he was diagnosed with meningitis. At that point, they never show whether it's viral or bacterial...I didn't even know there were two types of meningitis until this happened to me."

Aaron was treated with antibiotics and was later allowed home, but he still faces further tests to ensure the virus caused no permanent damage: "He'll have a couple of exams in a couple of months time, hearing, sight and they'll look at his heart but the risks are minimal."