Michelle Heaton and her husband endured ''dark times'' during the menopause.

The former Liberty X star went through the menopause aged 35 after undergoing a hysterectomy to reduce the risk of cancer, and her husband Hugh Hanley admitted it has been difficult for the loved up couple and their family.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast, he said: ''In the last five years we've had some dark times.

''There have been days when I've worried about going to work and leaving Michelle with the kids because she's been a loose cannon.''

Hugh - who has children Faith, seven, and AJ, five, with the 39-year-old singer - added he has still been struggling because he doesn't know how to help.

He explained: ''She's the best in the world, she's a great mum, she's a great wife. But you question your relationship, you question... what can I do to make it right?

''And there's just been... no solutions. It's hard.... I don't know how to move forward.''

The couple opened up about the experiences in a report about the menopause from a man's perspective, and she took him to meet other men whose partners were also going through difficult menopauses.

He said: ''I'm not overly open, but listening to the other guys talk is quite insightful because it's not something you go [into] with mates at work or in the gym. You don't sit down and go, 'How's your Mrs getting on with menopause?' ''

Meanwhile, Michelle previously revealed the couple have an ''exciting and spontaneous'' sex life despite her libido dropping during the early menopause.

She said: ''Our sex life is great - we keep things exciting and spontaneous. We don't have a 'sex night' though - we make it happen whenever we want. I couldn't be handling an organised sex night.''