Michelle Heaton gets ''a lump in her throat'' when she thinks that her daughter may have to go through a mastectomy.

The Liberty X singer had a preventative mastectomy and hysterectomy in 2015 after she discovered she had the BRCA2 gene - which can cause breast and ovarian cancer - and admits she fears that her daughter Faith, six, could have to go through the same thing.

She said: ''I actually get a lump in my throat ... I mean it's horrible to look at her ... in my head, the best way to look at it is when she is 18, and she gets offered the test, I hope that science evolves, and there is another option, than what I've had to choose. Or genetics has evolved, and there's no such thing as BRCA201.

''But the best thing I can give her is my book. Because everything is in it, and I've not lied, exaggerated, I've been honest. So when she is of an age where she can understand I will just give her the book, and wait and see if she has any questions. As nothing has been forgotten, and it has all been explained. Maybe then she will realise why mummy has been a bit upset.''

Because of the procedure she underwent, the 38-year-old singer went through an early menopause and admits it put a ''strain on her marriage''.

Speaking in The Sun Online's Big Interview, she added: ''Obviously it's not an intentional thing, but to watch my six year old cry because of what her mummy has irrationally done - like throw her toy out because she was naughty. But was she really that naughty? Probably not ... But it's difficult to understand what the difference is. I talk to other mums they do that as well and they're not going through menopause. Is it me being a b**** of a wife, or a really annoyed mummy? Or is it the hormones. The answer is I really don't know. Absolutely, the menopause has put a strain on my marriage.''