Michelle Heaton worries her kids will think she's a ''cheapskate'' at Christmas.

The 37-year-old pop star has Faith, four, and two-year-old A.J. with husband Hugh Hanley and though the couple generously splash out on lots of presents for their children, the gifts are presented to them as being from Santa Claus, so the pair always keep back one big present to give them after lunch, which is from mummy and daddy.

She said: ''Our Christmas tradition is we wake up with Santa Claus toys, then we have lunch, then they get one toy from mummy and daddy otherwise they think we're cheapskates because they just get all their presents from Santa, so there's one big present in the afternoon.''

But this year, Michelle is appearing in 'Snow White' in Ayr, Scotland, so she and Hugh have splashed out on smaller Christmas gifts for the kids as they needed items that were easy to pack and travel with.

She said: ''This year the presents are smaller because we can't take them all up. Last year Faith got a bike and a scooter, it can't happen this year so it's all things she can make like hairbands and sequins and stuff like that.''

Michelle and Hugh usually make a deal not to buy Christmas gifts for one another - and then just as quickly break the agreement.

She admitted to BANG Showbiz: ''We usually say no presents and then buy something anyway.''