Michelle Heaton has confirmed she is having a baby boy.

The Liberty X star says she feels ''so lucky'' to be having her second child with husband Hugh Hanley - who she also has 22-month-old daughter Faith with - as she will be unable to have more kids when she undergoes surgery to remove her ovaries just six months after giving birth next March,

Michelle is having the major operation - which will mean she can't have any more kids - because she was diagnosed with the mutated BRCA2 gene, which gives carriers a high chance of developing cancer.

Michelle told the new UK issue of OK! magazine: ''I'm over the moon to be having a boy - which me and Hugh secretly wanted - but if I was going to have a third child there would be another two years of waiting before I could have my ovaries removed and that delay could eventually take me away from my children, so we won't be having any more. We've been lucky so far let's not try to be too greedy.''

The 34-year-old star is excited to be giving her daughter Faith a little brother but isn't sure what differences lie ahead between raising a son to a daughter.

She laughed: ''[Am I worried?] A little bit. I'm a bit scared of the willy - I'm not sure what to do! Everyone in Liberty X has boys and Kelli [Young] has twin boys so she was faced with two willies that weed in a very awkward manner! I'm sure I'll get used to it though.''

Despite being pregnant, Michelle insists she will continue to perform with Liberty X as they embark on the 'Big Reunion Christmas ' tour in December following their reconciliation on the ITV2 show.

She said:''It's not ideal, and I don't know how I'll deal with dancing around at seven months. But even if they have to wheel me out in a chair I'll be there.''