Michelle Heaton is worried she will want more children after hysterectomy operation.

The former Liberty X singer - who carries a mutated BRCA2 gene which gives her a higher chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer -has admitted that despite knowing the hysterectomy is for the best, she still fears she will want another baby in the future.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly on 'Lorraine', the 34-year-old singer - who already has children Faith, four, and Aaron, two, with husband Hugh Hanley - shared: ''It's a very tough decision to get rid of my chance of ever having other children and going through early menopause, it's not as easy as just saying 'I've got two children, let's get rid of it.' You don't know how you're going to feel in five years time.''

She also revealed that she's struggled to decide whether to remove just her ovaries or her entire uterus.

Michelle explained: ''It's not as straightforward as just choosing one or the other because there might be some complications of finding the ovaries because I've had two C-sections.''

However, Michelle did add that she believes a full hysterectomy might be the best option for her, but explained that either way she will be on hormone replacement treatment for the rest of her life.

Although undergoing the operation is a huge decision to make, Michelle thinks it is best as she wants to ''be there'' for her children, and is bolstered by the support she has had from other women.

She said: ''I want to be there for my kids, it's just really hard to elect to do that and I've had so many positive responses on Twitter and so many women going through exactly the same thing,

''Everyone who's been in touch, it's helping me through it and it's hard.''