Michelle Heaton has to ''compromise'' more in Atomic Kitten than she did in Liberty X.

The 37-year-old singer has been performing overseas with the 'Whole Again' group in place of Liz McLarnon, who has a fear of flying, and though she insists she, Natasha Hamilton and Kerry Katona, haven't had any disagreements, she finds the dynamic very different to that of her former band, which also included Kevin Simm, Tony Lundon, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young.

Asked if it's different working with all girls, she said: ''Yes. I think you have to learn to compromise more, in a band with boys and girls the boys rule it a bit more and just get on with it, but I think with girls you learn to talk more and you've got more emotions, so everyone is a bit more fragile and everyone takes care of each other. Does that make sense?''

But asked if she's had any arguments with the other Kittens, she laughed: ''No, not yet!

Michelle is having ''great fun'' on the road with Kerry and Natasha, who have five and four kids respectively, and admits they are all ''a bit crazy'' as a trio.

Speaking at the Disney Store's VIP Christmas party in London on Wednesday night (09.11.16), she told BANG Showbiz: ''It's great fun, they're crazy but I think I'm a bit crazy. It's because we're all mums so when were away we let our hair down because we're not like that in the comfort of our own home. We might have a glass of wine, but it's not the image that's been portrayed.''

Although she has enjoyed being an honorary Kitten, Michelle won't be joining the group as a permanent member and is happy to fill in for Liz when needed.

She said: ''I think it's a long-term thing internationally, but in this country no. We've talked about it and Liz doesn't want to do international work because of her fear of flying.

''And she's got so much going on so it seemed like a natural fit for me to go because we're very close anyway, it's been brilliant.''

Michelle took her two children - daughter Faith, four, and two-year-old son A.J., her kids with husband Hugh Hanley - to the festive event and was joined by a host of other celebrities, including Adele Silva, 'Strictly Come Dancing' competitor Danny Mac, Tina Hobley and Vanessa Feltz.

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