Katie Price's closet friends have urged her to dump Alex Reid for good.

The glamour model is believed to have reconciled with the cross-dressing cage fighter just weeks after dumping him on live TV but pals don't believe he is a strong enough character for her.

Friend Phil Turner said: "Katie needs a man around her, she is always telling us that. But Alex is not the one for her. She needs to find someone else.

"She doesn't care about being the bread winner - none of that matters to her. She just needs a real man to dominate her, to take control and stand up to her and look after her. She doesn't need a doormat."

Phil believes Katie only reconciled with Alex because she is finding life without ex-husband Peter - who she split from earlier this year - so difficult.

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Katie has really been through it this year. She loved Peter and this divorce has been so hard for her.

"Katie keeps changing her mind about Alex. She's lonely since splitting up with Pete and I can understand that. But I wish she would find someone else.

"Katie is one of my closest friends and I will always be here for her. Ultimately, I just want her to be happy."

Katie's closest friend singer Michelle Heaton has previously urged her to dump Alex.

She said: "Listen, you know how we all feel. You need to get rid of him. I've told you."