Michelle Collins, the former 'Eastenders' actress who joined the cast of Manchester-based Coronation Street earlier this month, has been heavily criticised for her attempt at a northern accent on the show. Collins plays 'Stella Price' in the long-running soap opera but some fans of the show have taken to social networking sites to mock her accent.
The actress, born and raised in Hackney, East London, is often associated with the character she played on Eastenders for more than 10 years - Cindy Beale. Despite coming under fire for her 'Manchester' accent, Collins' co-star Kym Marsh has defended the actress, telling New Magazine, "I think viewers are finding it hard to accept because she was such a big character in EastEnders and they still see her as Cindy Beale, which is not fair", adding, "People should give her a chance. She's only just joined Corrie and it takes time to settle in". Collins had previously spoken to the UK's Metro newspaper about the difficulty of mastering the northern accent, saying, "I've been working hard with a dialect coach to get the right accent but it's tough. At least I'm very good at pulling pints - I did that when I was an out-of-work actress".
After leaving Eastenders in 1998, Michelle Collins appeared in a number of well-received drama series, most notably 'Two Thousand Acres of Sky' for the Bbc and 'Ella and the Mothers'.