Rocker Michelle Branch is under so much pressure to complete her upcoming third album, she recently suffered a severe case of hives.

The EVERYWHERE singer admits she's been working so hard on her summer (04) follow-up to last year's (03) HOTEL PAPER, its taken its toll on her normally flawless skin.

She says, "I recently went to the ER with a killer case of hives - I think it was from the pressure of making the most important record of my career."

But Branch, 20, is quick to add that it's not all bad news in her camp - she's also had time to have fun with her music career.

She adds, "One of the best ways to combat stress is to play music, so I was psyched when the Counting Crows asked me to do a show with them.

"Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead came out onstage - too cool!"

28/03/2004 21:04