Singer/songwriter Michelle Branch wrote the title track of her new solo album, EVERYTHING COMES & GOES, on the night she realised her country group The Wreckers was splitting up.
The Are You Happy Now? hitmaker admits she and partner Jessica Harp had just completed a tour stop and she decided to write a new song on her tour bus.
But as the tune's lyrics took shape, Branch realised she was writing about the demise of the duo.
She says, "I was on the bus that night and I couldn't sleep. That's when I wrote Everything Comes And Goes, which was the first song I had written by myself in two years.
"Sitting in the tour bus at five in the morning with the sun coming up and having written that song, that was the start of me saying, ‘That's it. I'm making my own record next, and that doesn't have to be a sad thing.'
"I've always been kind of a control freak, so it was actually nice remembering I could write on my own. And that song captured everything I was feeling at that moment - that change is inevitable, it's part of life."