'The King of Soho' is to be retitled following a legal objection.

Director Michael Winterbottom's forthcoming movie, which stars Steve Coogan as club owner and porn publisher Paul Raymond, will change its name after the late tycoon's son Howard called in lawyers claiming he had already registered the title - which is shared with a biography he wrote about his father - for another production.

Howard - who plans to cast Tom Hiddleston as the lead in his production - said in a statement: ''I am delighted that Michael Winterbottom has agreed to change the name of his film as it was causing a huge amount of confusion in the media that two films were being made about my father under the same title.

''It is unfortunate that it proved necessary to have to resort to legal proceedings to bring this issue to a conclusion but I am pleased that they have had a change of heart and backed down.''

However, Howard insisted his action was not designed to have any damaging effects on the other film, which is based on the book 'Paul Raymond's Wonderful World of Erotica' and also stars Anna Friel, Imogen Poots and Tamsin Egerton.

He added: ''I have never wanted or sought to prevent this rival production from making a film about my late father's life.''

Production company StudioCanal said they will announce the new title ''in due course''.

Paul died in 2008 aged 82.