Director Michael Winterbottom's controversial new movie 9 SONGS will be released uncut, despite being the most sexually explicit movie ever in UK cinema.

The raunchy film is almost entirely made up of real sex scenes as it charts the relationship of young couple MATT and LISA - played by KIERAN O'BRIEN and Margo Stilley respectively - from first date to break-up.

But the BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION (BBFC) has granted the film an 18 (no under 18s) certificate, insisting its sexual content is "exceptionally justified by context".

BBFC bosses cite 2001 movie INTIMACY - which sparked outrage for its graphic sex scenes - as the milestone for allowing subsequent films of a similar content an 18 release.

Initially, 21-year-old Stilley asked her name to be left off the credits for 9 Songs but the hype surrounding the movie at this year's (04) CANNES FILM FESTIVAL forced her to go public.

19/10/2004 09:23