Former moviemaker Michael Winner sent his wife out to buy him Michelin-starred meals during his recent health scare - because he doesn't trust hospital food.
The director-turned-restaurant reviewer fell ill earlier this month (Oct11) after eating steak tartare at home, and he spent several days at a medical centre in London receiving treatment for suspected E. coli poisoning.
And he made certain to keep his new wife Geraldine busy during his stay - he ordered her to smuggle in meals from plush eateries nearby because he loathes hospital food.
Winner tells British TV show Loose Women, "I don't eat it. I tell you, when you are in a hospital, whatever you're in for, the food will kill you. Geraldine, my lovely and new wife, goes out and forages from local restaurants and brings it in."
Death Wish director Winner wed Geraldine, his partner of 53 years, in London last month (Sep11).