British director Michael Winner has branded the publication of postcards which show his late friend Oliver Reed in various states of drunkenness "pathetic". The Death Wish film-maker resents the unnecessary images, claiming they give the wrong impression about a respected actor who performed in over 100 films. Winner says, "I think it's very unfair. It's pathetic. I made eight films with Oliver and he was never drunk for one day on any of them. "I'm not saying he was never drunk, of course, but he was sober for a lot more of the time than people give him credit. "He was shy and used to drink to pluck up courage to go on television. Then you would have the spectacle. "But Oliver did over 100 films and he couldn't have done them if he was drunk. He was a wonderful man." The postcard producers, Boomerang Media, admit the prints lack tact but refuse to withdraw them. A spokesperson says, "We live in sensitive times and accept calling people drunks could be considered a little inappropriate." Reed died in 1999, aged 61, from a heart attack.