British moviemaker Michael Winner has launched an attack on the actors attempting to save the UK Film Council (UKFC), branding their campaign a "load of rubbish".
The UKFC, which was established to develop and promote British cinema, has fallen victim to massive spending cuts as the country's government attempts to curb spiralling debt.
Dozens of British actors, including James MCAvoy, Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy, have signed a letter calling for a reversal of the decision, while Hollywood star Clint Eastwood penned a personal appeal to the U.K. government.
But Death Wish director Winner insists it's not important to fund the film body, and he's adamant the money could be used to help struggling British citizens instead.
He says, "You know, they all say this, don't they? They want to save the day and look like wonderful human beings, but they're talking a load of rubbish.
"Clint is a lovely fellow. He's a great director and a great actor, but he's never had to go to the Film Council. He made it himself. He got money himself and that's the sort of people we need, not the Film Council.
"People are starving, there are people without homes. It's very difficult to justify giving money to movie companies when we need hospitals and doctors and houses.
"(The council) gives a lot of work to people who are out of work and who possibly deserve to be out of work, quite honestly."