Director Michael Winner is considering withdrawing the settlement he offered his former lover when they split, after details of their relationship appeared in the British press.

Winner, 69, split from former dancer and actress GERALDINE LYNTON-EDWARDS, who he's dated on-off for almost 50 years, to set up home with 39-year-old former pop star PAOLA LOMBARD.

The Death Wish director offered Lynton-Edwards a $380,000 (GBP200,000) one-off payment plus a generous monthly allowance - provided she did not speak publicly about their relationship.

So Winner was stunned when friends of his ex complained she was living in poverty and about to lose her only home, a houseboat in Paris, in a British Sunday newspaper.

Winner says, "It was bizarre. If you knew the amount of money I have given her - and the amount she is due to get - anyone in the country would say that what was said was beyond belief.

"I happen to be extremely generous. I decided to look after Geraldine firstly, because she is a woman of a certain age, and secondly, because I have known her a very long time and felt very protective.

"I also thought it would be a good idea because she considered herself hard done by."

He adds, "I am very disappointed and surprised by what I read at the weekend. Lets just say I am considering my position on (the money)."

24/05/2005 13:39