Retired director Michael Winner has bounced back from a mystery medical scare, insisting he's "80 per cent normal" after undergoing an operation.
The Death Wish moviemaker has been ill in recent weeks and had to have "a litre of water" drained from his chest earlier this month (May12).
He told fans on he had to undergo two similar procedures, but failed to disclose what condition he was suffering from.
Winner checked into a London clinic last week (ends20May12) and claimed he was in intensive care, before writing, "I am happy to tell u I'm such a pain in the a**e I have been thrown out of IT care in HarleySt clinic to nice room on upper floor. Wish me wel (sic)."
Now the Brit has updated fans on his condition, insisting he is almost back to full health.
He took to the microblogging site on Monday (28May12) to write, "Now working 80 per cent normal, hopefully cured physically if not mentally, that'd be asking too much."