Michael Urie was heartbroken when UGLY BETTY was axed - because he was "secretly hoping" the show would continue for another year.
Urie wasn't surprised when TV bosses announced plans to scrap the sitcom, confirming last month (Jan10) that the current fourth season will be the last.
But the actor admits he had been hoping for more episodes, after Ugly Betty's time slot was moved by network bosses in recent months.
He says, "(I was) not shocked, but still saddened. (I) secretly hoped we had one more move in us, back to one of our former time slots.
"Everyone is sad, but still enjoying each other and the material. We are very lucky to have a solid two-month period to savour every last moment. It's a lucky thing to know when the end is, many shows do not."
The Ugly Betty season finale is set to air in the U.S. in April (10).