It looks like Michael Strahan 's Live With Kelly deal has been signed, sealed and delivered, after ABC finally decided on a candidate trusted with replacing the inimitable Regis Philbin. The former football star has reportedly landed the coveted role after impressing during his guest hosting of the show, according to the Associated Press.
There has been no confirmation from 'Live', though it was announced on Monday that the new co-host will be introduced on September 4, 2012. Television personalities were also reluctant to comment on the news, with Pat Kiernan of New York 1 saying, "It would be disrespectful for me to comment unless something comes from Abc". However, after trying out 59 different guest hosts - including Strahan - it appears as though the network have finally got their man. Some fans of the show had appealed for Seth Meyers to get the job full-time after forming a strong rapport with Kelly Ripa, though the long-time New York Giants defensive end is probably the most suitable choice. Television critic David Hinckley praised Abc's decision, saying of Strathan, "He's bright enough to comment intelligently on the world, quick enough to throw out a bemused one-liner and smart enough to realize that he doesn't have to dominate this show to win the game".
Strathan - who doesn't turn 41 until November - will remain on his Sunday morning Nfl show for Fox.