R.E.M. star Michael Stipe has ruled out a run for political office now he's no longer the frontman for one of the world's top bands - because he lacks the ability to compromise.
Fans have been keen to know what his next line will be following R.E.M.'s split, and some have suggested he'd make a great politician - but Stipe doesn't think so.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "People in London were asking me, 'Is a career in politics next?' I'm like, 'Are you out of your f**king mind? Do you realise the degree to which I am unable to compromise?'
"That's part of what's driven about this thing called R.E.M. - us being so stubborn and bullheaded toward one another."
Stipe's former bandmate Mike Mills thinks the frontman will step away from music and concentrate on becoming a better sculptor, artist and photographer.