Former R.E.M. star Michael Stipe has starred in a skit to mark the end of Tv host Stephen Colbert's U.S. late-night show - as an item for sale at a yard sale.

After nine years on Tv, Colbert will wrap up his daily Comedy Central show on Thursday night (18Dec14), and to mark the occasion he staged a sale in New York and sold off the "meaningful keepsakes" from his programme.

Stipe, who has often appeared on the show as a novelty celebrity guest, was among the items the host was keen to get rid of.

Appearing on a shelf in the corner of Colbert's studio during Wednesday night's show, the singer asked to be dusted, prompting the comedian to shoot back, "Hey, that's you in the corner and me in the spotlight. Read your contract!" referencing the lyrics of R.E.M.'s hit Losing My Religion.

In the accompanying skit, Stipe sat patiently on a table at the yard sale with a price tag stuck to his forehead.