Michael Sheen says eating leeks on St David's Day used to make him vomit when he was a schoolboy.

The proud 50-year-old Welshman loves celebrating the feast day of the patron Saint of Wales - which falls on the first day of March - but he does not have an appetite for the vegetable, which are traditionally worn on the day along with daffodils as they are both the national emblems of the British country.

Appearing on 'The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show' on St David's Day on Friday (01.03.19), he said: ''I used to spend St David's Day in Wales when I was growing up at school, we would all wear a leek, an actual leek, and through the day you'd sort of nibble at it.

''And my abiding memory of St David's day growing up is being sick on the way home, throwing up leek all over my street!

''You'd start from the top. The leek is stuck to your jumper and you would just put your head down and eat it from the top down!''

The 'Apostle' actor fronts the Cardiff Homeless World Cup Bid 2019 but he won't stepping onto the soccer pitch himself because he badly injured his knee a few years ago.

He said: ''My playing days are over. I did my ACL (ligament) a couple of years ago. My leg fell apart, essentially. I was doing a fight in a film. I was doing a comedy fight. All I had to do is pretend I was throwing this young chap to the floor and my leg fell apart.

''I fell over, and by falling over it knocked it back in to place and was like, 'Ready to go again!' ''

Over 500 players are expected to travel to the Welsh capital and participate in the tournament this year.