Michael Sheen treasures a special memento from when his daughter Lily was born - a video tape showing actor David Suchet announcing her arrival to a packed theatre on London's West End.
The Welsh star's former partner Kate Beckinsale gave birth to their little girl in 1999, during Sheen's London stage stint as Mozart in the play Amadeus.
Sheen had a day off from the show when Lily was born, but his co-star Suchet made sure the audience at the next night's performance were told of the new arrival.
He says, "I did Amadeus on London's glittering West End and on Broadway and that was when my daughter was born, she was born on a Sunday so I wasn't performing. I thought I'd have to rush from the theatre to go to the hospital but she waited until I wasn't performing.
"Her birth was announced onstage at the Old Vic theatre by David Suchet after the next show. We have it recorded, I have a cassette of it."