Michael Sheen was left terrified on the set of a new movie after SAMUEL L. JACKSON took their torture scenes too far and "cut his finger off".
The pair star together in forthcoming thriller Unthinkable, which sees Sheen portraying a terrorist suspect and Jackson the cop who has to interrogate him.
Filming was emotionally intense - Sheen was shackled and semi-naked in scenes where he was tortured for information by the Pulp Fiction actor.
But the experience also left a lasting physical impression on the Frost/Nixon star - he had his finger sliced open after Jackson became a bit too over eager while the cameras were rolling.
Sheen tells WENN, "I had to be tortured by him for three weeks - it was quite scary. I wouldn’t recommend being tortured by Samuel L. Jackson, he enjoys a little bit too much. I loved doing it though.
"On day one he cut my finger off, I had a scalpel to the genitals at one point and I had to be hosed down. On my first day of filming I came in and I had to be chained to the ceiling, hood over my head, just in my boxer shorts, being hosed down by a soldier with cold air fans blowing on me.
"I said 'Obviously we’re not going to do this for real, I’m an actor. How will we do this?', and they went, 'Oh, we will be doing it, we just won’t be doing it for long.' They did look after me very well though."