The Queen actor, 47, grew up in the working class Welsh community where a major source of employment is its steel manufacturing plant, founded in 1901.

However in January (16), the plant's owner, Tata Steel announced 750 jobs would be lost from the site, one of the largest in Europe, and it would be put up for sale, raising fears for its future.

As a result of the news, Michael has spent the past five months interviewing residents of the town about the integral role the steelworks has played in their lives for a new BBC documentary; Michael Sheen: The Fight for My Steel Town.

Speaking in the programme about his own experiences of growing up in the shadow of the steel plant, he says, “I was brought up in this town, I know what it means for the ­steelworks to be right there at the heart of all the comings and goings. The two feed off each other."

And Michael, whose mother, father and grandfather were employed on the site adds, "One thing is for sure, the future of this town and this community is completely tied up with what happens to this steelworks. Not just economically, but in terms of this town's identity. Who this town is, who these people are."

The Twilight star interviewed a number of former employees who had lost their jobs at the steelworks, as well as people from around the community, as well as going behind the scenes at the industrial site.

After visiting the plant he explains, "And the other thing is, walking around and meeting the people working in here you can tell there is a real sense of massive pride and a real sense of family."

Since Tata Steel bosses announced plans to sell the Port Talbot plant in January (16) campaigners has called on the U.K. government to take action to save Port Talbot and the British steel industry in general.

A petition calling on U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron to take urgent action to prevent the closure of steelworks gained more than 150,000 signatures.

And Michael echoes the call for urgent action, saying, "We can't let that happen to this town. There has to be an alternative, no matter what happens to the steelworks, there has to be some kind of safety net for these people and this community because if it can happen here - a place that has been the heart of the British industry for so long - then it could happen anywhere."

Michael Sheen: The Fight for My Steel Town, airs in the U.K. on BBC1 Wales on Wednesday (08Jun16)