The 41-year-old Man of Steel star portrays boozy character Jamie Tyrone in playwright Eugene O'Neill's New York City revival, which runs for about four hours per showing.

Throughout the production, he consumes a lot of drinks onstage and sometimes his bladder becomes so full, he is forced to relieve himself in the middle of a scene.

“I have an hour and a half break during the show that’s an hour and a half I can spend on a toilet if I care to," he tells Vulture. “Sometimes I just wet my pants. Yeah, you’ll never know. It’s a thick suit. It’s thick material and I wear a couple of pairs of underwear."

And in another shocking admission, Michael reveals his character's costume also provides room for him to take a 'number two', if necessary.

During his 90 minute break for each performance, Michael does everything he can to remain in character as an alcoholic.

"One thing I do in the long break I have before I come back on, I turn off all the lights in my dressing room and I spend a long time in the dark, which is very disorientating," he told "I find that helps a little bit. But it’s mostly just about being relaxed. That’s what alcohol does. It relaxes you. I just try not to give a s**t."

Michael stars in Long Day's Journey Into Night alongside Jessica Lange, Gabriel Byrne and John Gallagher, Jr., and the exceptional cast has really helped him up his game onstage.

"We’re all pretty no-nonsense and are focused on trying to do the best version of this play that we possibly can," he previously told The Hollywood Reporter.

Michael's play Long Day's Journey Into Night kicked off in April (16) and the production runs until the end of June (16).