Disgraced comedian Michael Richards has been told to personally apologise to the men he racially abused in a comedy club rant or risk a lawsuit. The former Seinfeld star has publicly apologised for remarks he made about African-American hecklers FRANK MCBRIDE and KYLE DOSS during a performance at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood on Friday night (17NOV06) - but their high-powered attorney is demanding the personal touch. California legal eagle Gloria Allred gave the funnyman a serious message through US news show Extra last night: "Meet with our clients... sit there and listen to them as they explain the pain. "Saying, 'I'm sorry,' is simply not enough in a situation like this... You need to put your money where your mouth is." Doss says, "What he said wasn't right... Words do mean things... No papers have been filed but I feel like he should be punished. "I'm not trying to make this a black and white thing; I'm just trying to make this a right and wrong thing. "He was trying to be hurtful and he was trying to be disrespectful and degrading." Richards is already desperately trying to make amends for his racist rant - he reportedly called black leaders REV JESSE JACKSON and REV AL SHARPTON to personally apologise for his remarks.