LATEST: Comedian Michael Richards has been banned from a Los Angeles comedy club after hurling racially-charged insults at black audience members during a stand-up routine there. Richards, who played quirky COSMO KRAMER opposite Seinfeld in cult sitcom SEINFELD, stunned his audience at the Laugh Factory on Friday night (17NOV06) after turning on two African-American hecklers. Richards has since issued an off-camera statement to US news channel CNN apologising for his racial rant, but that hasn't appeased Laugh Factory bosses, who hope never to see the funnyman again. In a statement released yesterday (20NOV06), a spokesman for the comedy club said, "We have made it clear that he is no longer welcome here. The Laugh Factory is a comedy club, not a forum for personal attacks." Laugh Factory bosses were left embarrassed by Richards' rant, which was caught on video camera and aired early yesterday (20NOV06) on website - but they failed to pull the plug on the comedian's second show on Saturday night (18NOV06). As WENN went to press, Richards was set to appear alongside pal Jerry Seinfeld via satellite on last night's (20NOV06) The Late Show With David Letterman. He was scheduled to talk about the incident.