LATEST: US radio talk show presenter DON IMUS has been blasted by critics for issuing "hollow" and "pointless" apologies for his racial slur on his IMUS IN THE MORNING show last week. The disgraced presenter was yesterday (09APR07) issued a two week suspension by his bosses at WFANAM, after calling the players on Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy headed hos" during his Thursday (05APR07) broadcast. He apologised for his comments on Friday (06APR07) and even appeared on REVEREND AL SHARPTON's radio show yesterday to express his deep regret over his actions, admitting he'd gone "way too far". But his words have fallen flat with critics, who are calling for Imus to be fired for his offending remark. KIM GANDY, president of the National Organisation for Women, says, "It's completely hollow. (It's) beyond racist and sexist. "This guy is just trying to get himself out of trouble. It's hard to take him seriously when you look at his past. He's not a first-time offender. The 47th time, I think it rings pretty false." Editor in chief of Essence magazine, ANGELA BURT-MURRAY, adds, "I don't care about an apology. You're not a child on the playground. You're an adult who needs to take responsibility for his actions. And there needs to be consequences. "Michael Richards apologises. We move on. Mel Gibson apologises. We move on. When does it stop? When do we make it stop?"