The two men racially abused by Michael Richards have demanded an apology from the former Seinfeld star. FRANK MCBRIDE and KYLE DOSS want a face-to-face apology from the comic for racially abusing them after they interrupted his act at a Los Angeles club. Doss says, "To have him do what he did to me... I can't even explain it. I was humiliated, even scared at one point," Richards made a public apology on the LATE SHOW WITH David Letterman earlier this week, however MCBride's and Doss's lawyer, Gloria Allred says this is insufficient. She says, "It's not enough to say 'I'm Sorry' on DAVID LETTERMAN," she said, adding that Richards should meet her clients to "acknowledge his behaviour and to apologise to them". Richards' spokesman HOWARD RUBENSTEIN claimed the actor wants to say sorry but has been unable to locate the two men.