Michael Phelps , officially the most successful Olympian of all time, showed off his girlfriend Megan Rossee at the Speedo Athlete Celebration in London on Monday evening (August 6, 2012). Phelps is rumored to have been dating Rossee for some time, though little is known of the aspiring model.

If photographs of the couple relaxing at the Kensington Roof Gardens are anything to go by, Michael Phelps girlfriend Megan will have no trouble forging a career in modelling. The couple have reportedly been dating since January, though the latest snaps feature their first public display of affection. The relationship has been no secret to the pair's Twitter followers, who will have noticed their regular communication. Before one of his races at the London Olympics, Rossee tweeted the 22-medal winner, "good luck tonight bear". A source speaking to website Hollyscoop said, "She and Phelps began dating in January (2012) and things started to heat up just prior to the Olympics.At the time when they began dating, baseball and television star Doug Reinhardt was crushing on her too, but she chose to be with Michael instead".
Rossee has a profile page on the modelling industry website Model Mayhem, which reveals that she is 5'9" tall and is a self-described "All-American girl". She adds. "I am super easy going and pretty much down for any type of project (that doesn't involve nudity). I love what I do and hope to further my career as a model as well as a performer, so if you are interested in working with me, send me a message!".