MONTY PYTHON star Michael Palin is planning to question Peter Cook's widow LIN after the charity foundation set up in the comedian's name reportedly failed to distribute any funds raised.

The Peter Cook Foundation, which won monetary support from stars including Palin, Ronnie Wood and Stephen Fry when it was established in 2000, aimed to raise $12.6 million (GBP7 million) within six years to open at least one home for children with severe mental illness.

But accounts dating to 2004 show, of the $403,000 (GBP223,683) raised, a staggering $314,000 (GBP174,305) has been spent on administration costs.

Palin, who is planning a one-man show as part of the next fundraising event, says, "(I) will be seeking clarification from the charity's trustees that the proceeds from the event will be paid to those the charity was set up to help."

But Andrew Miller, a trustee of the charity, insists everything is going to plan: "We are going to have our own little home quite shortly and we are going to be looking after children."