OSCAR producer GIL CATES is furious with documentary maker Michael Moore's claims that his Academy Awards acceptance speech footage was doctored.

Moore insists his controversial comments about PRESIDENT BUSH and the war in Iraq were made to look worse than they were - to make OSCARS watchers think Hollywood was against him.

The movie maker admits he has checked out a tape of the OSCARS telecast - to see what all the fuss about and he insists what really happened and what people saw and heard were very different.

He says, "I heard some yelling and someone shouting, 'No! No!' as I started my speech. The boos were amplified through the house and yet I looked out at the audience and no one was booing.

"Martin Scorsese was going to applaud - and they cut away from him. You could see the camera desperately trying to find people who were disagreeing with me, and they couldn't."

But Moore's comments have angered Cates, who refutes the suggestion that the booing was amplified.

He fumes, "I take personal umbrage at his accusation that we manipulated the sound for political purposes. The man is paranoid."