'Pulp Fiction', 'Mary Poppins' and 'The Magnificent Seven' are among the 2013 additions to the National Film Registry.

The Library of Congress has unveiled its annual list of 25 movies - which must be at least 10 years old and ''culturally, historically or aesthetically'' significant -that will join its preservation list, and 2013 new additions also include 'Gilda', 'The Right Stuff', 'Forbidden Planet', 'The Hole' and 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?'.

Librarian of Congress, James H Billington said: The National Film Registry stands among the finest summations of more than a century of extraordinary American cinema.

''This key component of American cultural history, however, is endangered, so we must protect the nation's matchless film heritage and cinematic creativity.''

Michael Moore is ''so grateful'' his 1989 documentary 'Roger & Me' - a political film about the effects of General Motors plant closings in his hometown of Flint, Michigan - has been added to the registry.

He said in a statement: ''Last year I learned that there were no usable prints left of 'Roger & Me'. What there was had seriously deteriorated. This is why I am so grateful for the National Film Registry ... The true regret I have is that the cities of Flint and Detroit, which are at the center of my film, are now in much worse shape - as is the American middle class in general.''

The oldest movie on this year's list is 1919's 'A Virtuous Vamp' - a silent film starring Constance Talmadge - and the most modern is filmmaker Bill Morrison's 2002 found footage meditation on old silent movies 'Decasia'.

This year's new additions bring the number of films in the registry up to 625.

2013 movies added to the National Film Registry:

'Bless Their Little Hearts' (1984)

'Brandy in the Wilderness' (1969 or 1971)

'Cicero March' (1966)

'Daughter of Dawn' (1920)

'Decasia' (2002)

'Ella Cinders' (1926)

'Forbidden Planet' (1956)

'Gilda' (1946)

'The Hole' (1962)

'Judgment at Nuremberg' (1961)

'King of Jazz' (1930)

'The Lunch Date' (1989)

'The Magnificent Seven' (1960)

Martha Graham Early Dance Films (1931-44) ('Heretic', 1931; 'Frontier', 1936; 'Lamentation', 1943; 'Appalachian Spring', 1944)

'Mary Poppins' (1964)

'Men and Dust' (1940)

'Midnight' (1939)

'Notes on the Port of St. Francis' (1951)

'Pulp Fiction' (1994)

'The Quiet Man' (1952)

'The Right Stuff' (1983)

'Roger & Me' (1989)

'A Virtuous Vamp' (1919)

'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' (1966)

'Wild Boys of the Road' (1933)