LATEST: Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival will face political competition after a conservative group set up a rival film festival to clash with the Michigan event.

The Traverse Bay Freedom Festival has been set up in protest at Moore's politics, which many Traverse City residents believe are unpatriotic. Initially the group tried to lobby the City Commission to ban Moore's festival but they were unsuccessful.

The new festival will run from 29-30 July (05) and show political films CONFRONTING IRAQ and MICHAEL MOORE HATES AMERICA, alongside classics such as Top Gun.

Moore's Traverse City Film Festival will run from 27-31 July (05) and celebrate new, non-politically motivated films.

Founder of the Traverse Bay Freedom Festival, GENIE ALDRICH says, "People are fed up and tired with the extreme left-wing radical fringe - America haters, family haters, Christian haters."

Moore says, "These are highly acclaimed films, theirs are works of political propaganda. I like it when the Republicans take ideas of mine. I have a few more where those came from, if they'd like to sit down and talk."

08/07/2005 08:29